the best part of waking up
is literally nothing, please let me go back to sleep

This is about me and what I want. This is about me finally understanding where I want to be in ten years. Because I’m going to be alive… I will be alive in ten years, and I’m going to be happy. I’m going to be strong. And I don’t need anyone to tell me that anymore.

I am enough, and I will always be.


You can’t give the villian tattoos green eyes and daddy issues and tell me to hate him okay it just doesn’t work like that

  Because I was dying.
  And Warner could’ve let me die. He was angry and hurt and had every reason to be bitter. I’d just ripped his heart out; I’d let him believe something would come of our relationship. I let him confess the depth of his feelings to me; I let him touch me in ways even Adam hadn’t. I didn’t ask him to stop.
  Every inch of me was saying yes.
  And then I took it all back. Because I was scared, and confused, and conflicted. Because of Adam.
  Warner told me he loved me, and in return I insulted him and lied to him and yelled at him and pushed him away. And when he had the chance to stand back and watch me die, he didn’t.
  He found a way to save my life.
  With no demands. No expectations. Believing full well that I was in love with someone else, and that saving my life meant making me whole again only to give me back to another guy.
  And right now, I can’t say I know what Adam would do if I were dying in front of him. I’m not sure if he would save my life. And that uncertainty alone makes me certain that something wasn’t right between us.

Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) by Tahereh Mafi

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